15 Oct 2019 - Dennis Egen

How Marketers Can Embrace Automation & Improve Company Processes


Many companies around the world are turning towards automation to compete in the global marketplace, work more efficiently and save costs. The path to success can be a roller coaster as fierce competition arises.

When there are processes that are executed automatically, it can help businesses to thrive and succeed on a more long-term timeline. Additionally, automation can help even the smallest business compete with giant online retailers to differentiate their products.

How automation can improve your business

Marketers are constantly under pressure to perform better with fewer resources. Those who embrace marketing automation have seen increases in their sales and overall business productivity than those without: 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% overhead reduction are just two examples of how automation can help.

By pushing off more of the routine or maintenance work, marketers can focus more of their time on high-level objectives and business-critical initiatives. Freeing up your employees from routine tasks gives them the room to think more strategically, be more creative, produce quality content and create a better customer message.


Embrace automation to improve processes

Three ways that automation can help to engage your customers and improve your business include:

  1. Automate your welcome: Welcome emails can be an easy way to create a great first impression. Automated welcome emails can help you to collect information for your CRM, create a personalized first-touch and encourage new consumers to begin shopping.
  2. Retain customers better: Automated triggers can be set to allow for certain actions to be taken when a customer does a certain action. Whether this is when someone abandons their cart or leaves a review, creating better customer retention is an easy thing to automate and improve your business.
  3. Coordinate your multi-channel campaigns: Your advertising campaigns should span across multiple platforms and devices, as today's shoppers are not just on one device or platform. Using marketing automation software is an easy way to coordinate multi-channel campaigns to ensure brand consistency.


Agility and profitability in the automation age

A marketer needs to be agile in today's market to avoid becoming obsolete. They need to react rapidly to any issue or opportunity that may arise and remain flexible enough to combat instability.

The research company McKinsey found that an industry with a lot of volatility and unpredictability is correlated to companies that are more willing to adopt agility in the workplace.

A quick and turbulent environment and the incessant introduction of technology that is disruptive have given rise to the need for agility in the workplace. As businesses become more agile, they can create a sense of stability, which aids in profitability.

Three ways your business can use agility to see more profitability in the automation age are:

  1. Scalability: For businesses to stay successful, they have to remain agile in process efficiencies as businesses scale larger.
  2. Security: IT professionals and marketers alike have seen the results of using automated security processes to keep overhead low but give agility to those who need it.
  3. Data Analytics: Using automation, marketers use advanced data analytics to help improve efficiencies, identify areas to optimize and uncover and solve bottlenecks.


Where do we begin?

Your business is more than just ones and zeroes. Engine Room understands that and uses technology to build air-tight solutions to help you implement customized digital marketing solutions for your company.

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