14 Oct 2021

CMS Minimum Security Requirements: Your Essential Overview

Is your organization truly prepared to take on the increasingly real threats presented by cyberattacks? It’s incredibly likely that even if you think you’re ready for whatever cybercriminals come...

11 Nov 2020

Four Reasons You Need to Update Your Website Security

Are your web security measures secure enough? Chances are, they aren’t. 

15 Oct 2020

CMS Security: Is Your Platform Being Targeted?

We hate to break it to you, but if you’re wondering if your content management system (CMS) is being targeted by malicious hackers, you should know it probably is. 

29 Sep 2020

Get The Latest In Online Security With Our Guide

In studies of online security breaches, it’s been discovered that the time to detect a breach within an organization is usually over 200 days. And when these breaches are detected? It’s usually by an...

11 Aug 2020

CMS Security is Website Security

If you run a website, eCommerce site, or marketing department you likely know what a Content Management System (CMS) is. CMSs are applications that help manage content by allowing multiple users to...

29 Jun 2020

Online Risk Assessment: How Secure is Your Website?

Where to Start

Don’t know if your customers’ data is secure? Are you panicking that your website could be defaced, leading to reputation damage? We all worry about the risks that we face as website...

21 May 2020

Protecting Sensitive Data in AWS

The move to cloud by business is nothing new and seems to be an inevitability. A recent survey of I.T. professionals showed 94 percent use cloud, and public cloud (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure

8 May 2020

Securing your Sitecore 9 XP PaaS Installation

You’ve painstakingly architected your Sitecore 9 installation on PaaS. You’ve gone to all the trouble to think about scalability, usability, portability… all the -ITYs. But what about securITY? 

7 May 2020

The Current Data Privacy Landscape

Imagine you’ve been tasked with riding a unicycle across a tightrope. It sounds difficult, right?