11 Mar 2024 - Dennis Egen

Let’s Celebrate Engine Room’s 10th Anniversary!

This year marks 10 years of business for the Engine Room team. After a decade of offering web development and consulting solutions, we are grateful to reflect on the journey that began and grew our company to where it is today. 

At its inception, Founder and CEO Dennis Egen named Engine Room for life lessons learned from the sport of rowing. The “engine room” refers to the four seats at the center of the boat, providing power and momentum to propel the craft forward. Similarly, Engine Room aims to use our approach and expertise to drive your business forward toward your goals.

Embodying the boat’s engine room and a successful crew team, Dennis sought to create an organization founded on leadership, teamwork, strategy, and tenacity. The Engine Room team works to live out those qualities daily as we design, build, and secure high-performing digital assets with our partners and clients. Just as a strong rowing team requires intentional coordination, we aim for effective synchronicity with clients and vendors to yield prosperous results in digital technology.

To communicate that vision and organizational identity, our team developed and lives by six core values that drive our work each day:

  • We’re all in, all the time.
  • We take care of our people.
  • We are earnest, honest, and inventive.
  • We are fanatical problem solvers.
  • We build everything around our client’s objectives.
  • We show up every day.

As Engine Room has advanced, we have added team members, expanded expertise, and adapted to new physical and virtual work environments to meet our growing client base. Each year has been punctuated by new team members, fresh office spaces, or milestone project achievements. Through all of those changes and developments, the core values remain constant.

Engine Room Timeline

The Engine Room community consists of U.S.-based technology, coding, UX, QA, and engineering experts who use their decades of combined experience to create innovative digital solutions for industry-leading clients. 

No matter what role our team members represent, we are all dedicated to delivering impeccable digital assets, providing fanatical customer service, and offering personalized solutions. We work together seamlessly to provide clients with a coordinated and beautifully designed experience with unmatched results. 

Just like the skilled athletes on a rowing team, each person on the Engine Room team excels in their area and respects the distinct value of their colleagues. The internalized personal responsibility and mutual respect across individual team members allow our company to succeed as a whole. This matters greatly because when we succeed as a group, our clients see unprecedented gains. Engine Room’s results allow clients to vastly improve their bottom-line outcomes and grow toward their institutional goals. 

The Engine Room approach to web development and consulting services has allowed us to power incredible results for cutting-edge clients, propelling them forward in their respective industries. Major services we have provided over the years include: 

  • CMS Success™
  • Customized consulting services
  • Custom web design and development
  • Information security
  • Mobile web development
  • E-commerce 
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) consulting and implementation
  • Website maintenance
  • Marketing personalization

From web design to mobile app development to strategic personalization implementation, Engine Room has been honored to enhance security, customize technology, and improve client and consumer experiences for our partners over the last 10 years. Some of our major projects have included:

  • Developing mobile applications, designing experiences, and increasing security for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies seeking to improve the quality of care and health outcomes for underserved populations.
  • Enhancing e-commerce platforms and digital user experience to support access to information and resources for learners interested in financial services or pursuing a legal education.
  • Supporting conversion, brand identity, and consumer loyalty through personalization services for retail and banking clients seeking to meet and exceed organizational goals.

No matter the sector or industry, it has been our pleasure to work with innovative leaders and partners throughout our decade of digital consulting business. 

The support from Engine Room clients, partners, family, and friends has been instrumental in our growth throughout our first 10 years of business. The services we have offered and the work we have produced serve as testaments to the value of our company values, mission, and identity. Read our one-pager here to learn more about our team, services, and past projects.

If you have been alongside us throughout this journey, we thank you. If you are new to or interested in collaborating with our team, we welcome you aboard. As we reflect on the past decade and look toward the future, we are excited to continue to embody the Engine Room mentality while propelling our team and partners forward.