14 Jul 2022 - Engine Room Team

Digital Orchestration 101: Search Engine Optimization



SEO is a tool for maximizing the probability that users will find your site via a search engine when they use certain keywords. It involves both researching the best keywords and phrases to use and embedding those keywords and phrases into the website across all types of content, from code to copy to links. Engine Room edits webpage content, HTML code, associated coding, image Alt text, internal linking, and URL structure to contain relevant, targeted keywords and phrases as frequently as possible. This way, search engines will easily associate your company with these chosen keywords when users enter them in search queries. 

If you partner with Engine Room for SEO digital orchestration services, they will conduct a thorough SEO audit and assessment of the efficacy of your content’s ability to attract and convert customers. Engine Room’s newly optimized content will bring in customers through all the various portals on your website, from email lists to chatbots to applications. Engine Room will utilize the assistance of one of our trusted SEO partners in this process. Engine Room and this trusted partner will work with you to develop a clear understanding of the keywords and phrases that are most relevant to your company and content, then we will help you implement these keywords and phrases across all types of content on your site. 

When optimizing SEO, we use a three-phase approach, which we will outline below.

Phase 1: Complete On-Page SEO

We begin our SEO work with keyword discovery. This involves leveraging public and proprietary keyword analysis tools to research exactly which words and phrases your company should focus on in your SEO. These analysis tools optimize for the words and phrases that will generate high-volume traffic, edge out competition, and convert users efficiently.

Once keyword discovery is complete, Engine Room will outline all of the on-page optimization changes that will need to be made for each top-level navigation page on your site. On-page optimization means direct changes to the website content, as opposed to increasing domain authority through backlinks from other sites, which we will cover below. 

Phase 2: Search Engine Submissions

To start off Phase 2, we will complete any outstanding on-page optimization work to ensure that all keywords and phrases are embedded with healthy consistency. Then Engine Room will submit this optimized content to each major search engine. Search engines don’t rely on manual submissions to find relevant content for users–they use a method called ‘crawling’ or continuously scanning known web pages for new, relevant links. That’s why getting other sites to link to yours is good for SEO.

Search engines will find your site even without submitting it, (that is, if you’re optimized for the right keywords) but keeping the search engines up-to-date with all of your optimized content is still important. Once Engine Room has submitted your new content to all of the necessary major search engines and directories, we’ll verify that you are the owner of your site using Google Webmaster Tools. Verified owners have access to all of the tools necessary to maintain their site’s presence online. 

Phase 3: Build Targeted Backlinks

A backlink is a link from someone else’s website to yours. It’s a sort of ‘vote’ for your content, a signal that it’s relevant and reliable. The more backlinks your site has, the higher it ranks in searches. One of our expert partners will use a variety of content formats to generate targeted backlinks for your site, including articles, press releases, blogs, social signals, and business directories. Engine Room will optimize article content and submit it on your behalf to the appropriate channels.

Performance Review

Engine Room will conduct our first major SEO performance review after three months. This includes identifying any weak areas and creating a plan to address them. At this point, there should be an uptick in search rankings compared to benchmark data. This ongoing process can also be measured as part of the Engine Room advanced analytics offering with a website maintenance plan.

SEO work is an ongoing process, and a complex one at that, but Engine Room’s experienced team can optimize your company’s content and send it to the top of search results with the right keywords and optimized content.


Consult an Engine Room expert today and learn what our SEO digital orchestration services can do for you.